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Updated: May 12, 2020

well in this holy season , I will wish you all happy Ramjaan whoever is reading this.This holy season include fasting at sun rise and ends at sun set, this is only period when people eat their meal after long fasting day. So if your meal become too fatty or too spicy you might would end up having bloating or gastritis .So if you see what happen during fasting period is that glycogen stored in our body starts breaking to normalized /maintain blood sugar . Body might break down protein store too if body was lacked with good amount glycogen and fat store. so main aim to from nutrition view would to compensate loss of glycogen store and protein and fat. So it is better break you fasting with hydrated drinks like Appy juice ,fruit juice or just plain water , then may be opt for some carbs rich fruits like Banana, grapes, apple .These fruit are very convenient to carry and also rich electrolyte (viz sodium ,potassium).

Then let see some of easy recipes that healthy too and quick to make

1) chicken rice bread roll : You can grind rice into powder to form a paste or use directly ready made powder followed by put batter in heated tava with greasing the tava in round shape and sprinkle water and let it steam for 2min and other you can boiled the chicken with salt. After boiling taking out the chicken pieces only, add mustard oil in drops , add onion slices, basil leaves or coriander leave, put red cut chilies if you prefer/pepper powder and add in rice bread and roll it for eating. you can add roasted sesame seeds to give more flavor.

2) Flavored rice with chicken tomato gravy: To add flavour one can add cloves , jeera(cumin seeds),crushed black pepper seeds,cardamom,curry leave in steamed cooker . Remember , these spices have essential oils due to which they give off flavor besides, they are good source trace minerals and anti-oxidant properties. Also activates our olfactory senses which enhance food acceptance , why chicken and tomato , well tomato harden meat , gives well texture to dish and aid fibre too .

3) Fish salad : One can baked the fish with spices or black pepper and salt and then add add green onion stalk, tomato, carrot (half cooked) followed by drizzled with olive oil/canola oil. One can add bread crumbs too in small slices

4) Egg poha :Here you need rice flakes , ginger, onion,garlic, turmeric powder, jeera powder oil and off course good egg.

Remember , you not only need good protein but good quality carbs too.Well good quality carbs are rice and wheat as provide good amount of carbs , amino acids and even easy to get in market.Ample amount of protein and carbs helps to maintain blood sugar level and gives energy till long term.

For dessert , one an opt for peanut chikkis, banana smoothie, carrot halwa,pumpkin halwa.One can add sugar free like stevia powder for those who little more health conscious and Diabetic patients.Yes ofcourse diabetic can't have banana, carrot cooked but they can opt for pumpkin halwa up to 50gram with sugar free/or fruity curd (curd, salt, sugar free, guava,apple,almond(4-5pc), fruit custard up to 50-100g only.

These are some of recipes one can opt for .Hope all enjoy making it and eating it .

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