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Skin as health Indicator

Do you realize that your skin says a lot about your inside health.

We apply many cosmetic or chemical treatment to skin but have we ever fix our internal health.Have we change our daily habits?

Food is complex mixture of organic particles or chemicals ,a balance amount nourishes health overburden or deficit cause deleterious effects.

Here we are covering over burden of food .

A sagging skin , rinkled Skin and pigmented skin is indicator of cellular oxidation .When we eat food , it got digested , absorbed and it is transported for various functions.

In modern world ,we tend to eat much of sugary product and fatty product. constant eating of those food cause over burden to cell .We all know if we over eat we tend to get obese but that happen in physical appearance but what about in cellular level. Our cell is consist of many organelles(component) like golgi complex , mitochondria, neucleus etc.Here mitochondria acts as energey house , when ever we need energry for any purposes like respiration, breathing, cell reparing etc it breakes down carbs , fat, protein to provide for many purposes.But when we eat too much of sweet or fatty foods , this over burden our mitochondria and also produce various metabolite , a young cell can get rid of it but as cell ages it unables to do it and cause toxicity and ultimately dies.Results

in skin rinkles , pigmentation and even sagging as it loses its cellular integrity.Sagging skin or pigmentation shows sluggish liver .


  1. Limit your sugar and sugary product intake

  2. Include fruits as they have the power to detoxify it

  3. Regular 30-60 min exercise cause toning of muscles and skin as it activate natural antioxidants

  4. Inclusion of organic drinks like aloe vera juice , amla juice ,star fruit juice.

  5. Avoid cooking in high flame of gas

  6. Buy pr0duct lebelling less than 30% of fat DV

  7. Buy fortified product

  8. limit Cream or chocholate biscuits

  9. Hydrate yourself with water to prevent cell death due to hydration

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