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Purple mystery : A window to Diabetes


is awesome color. What comes to your mind if say ,purple .Is it your pair of purple shoes or purple shirt or your purple suit.Well here we talking about ,a purple colored fruit . It is grown in branches of trees and well found in India. It is none other than jamun (Syzygium Cuminii). Even it has different varieties like very small size , medium size and large ones.The fruit is known for its color Anthocyanin. This phytochemical has many beneficial effect like jamun plup and seed are shown to have antidiabetic property .The pulp has many chemical like ferulic acid , gallic acid , catechin and even good amount of chromium which facilitates a good pancreatic health .The science behind it is the nature of inhibiting starch break down with help of alpha amylase inhibitor as amylase are prime enzyme for carbohydrates digestion process.

some whole fruit (20-50g) within two hours of any carbohydrate rich food can be taken to prevent blood sugar rise for diabetic patient.This fruit extract is already used in herbal remedy for diabetes but due to its highly perishable in nature it is not used.

It can store as frozen or may be we can make some jelly out of it . Today lets see how

for Recipe we need

jamun -100g

agar agar -15g

stevia powder-25g

or swee10 -25g

lemon juice -5ml

citric acid-5g

whole jamun should be washed and boiled in water with cover and after that, when fruit swell up and seed can be removed after taking it out from flame .Boiled it again with pulp and add stevia powder and stir it to get thick consistency and then add citric acid and stir it again and one can taste it for sweetness if it is ok then add agar agar and stir and at last add lemon juice and stir then let it be cooled. After cooling , it is ready for store .

It can stored for minimum 10 -15 days with proper temperature and air tight glass jar, Here we add jamun which diabetic friendly but yes ,with heat some of phytochemical got lost but we add stevia powder / swee10 which diabetic friendly instead of sugar and yes agar agar contains soluble fibre , pectin which help to lower blood sugar and lemon juice which great source of vitamin c , which facilitates iron absorption from pulp.

So now who says diabetic patient can't have jelly.

Enjoy this fruit and enjoy life with healthy plate .

Thank you for reading

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