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Nutrition in pandemic : A look to kitchen

Updated: May 17, 2020

Nutrition is important for all us regardless of age , race , country .But getting adequate nutrition may not be  possible for every one during food crisis or sudden outbreak of illness.Like now sudden corona out break .This became very crucial for effected and unaffected people for taking enough nutrition.Lock down system make it difficulty to buy / get food as supply of food may be limited.But  it is demand of body to get adequate nutrition to make our immunity strong in these days . Protein deficiency may leads to poor immune system.In sufficient supply of vegetables put us in great risk of poor immunity as it maintains cellular integrity , well muscosal lining , antibody simulations . Ready to serve foods available , are lack in fibre and only that consumption leads to have constipation , bloating. Hence it is became necessary to know  handy vegetables that we hardly notice that we could eat too and thew them as garbage.Here are some.

  1. Most of us , we throw turnip leaves , cauliflower leaves ,beet root leaves and radish leaves that come along with the food.but these are rich in fibre , vitamin A , zinc and iron which very important combat with illness.Hence can be eaten after boiling or frying it . One can say it is lot cheap source of iron than a Iron tablet.

  2. Bottle guard skin that most of us throw contain fibre , vitamin k .In Assam ,it is consumed frying it with potatoes.

3. Seeds of mature spinach , can be crush and make in form of curry .It contains protein too.Generally it is consumed with rice and its curry with fish as it compensate amino acids .

4.if you have tomato plant , and it is not fruiting yet ,then stems can be eaten by boiled

followed by frying it.

5.Peas are rich protein . We generally throw fresh pea pod after taking out peas. In some places , it's skin is eatten  after grinding and stuffed with chappati to aid extra fibre in it.

6. Seeds and skin of pumpkin can also used. Not only pumpkin but the skin are but also rich in beta carotene and fibre and can be eaten with cooked  mix veg by slicing it and seeds are rich in arginine and edible too by just roasting in tava.

7. Some foods like banana skin can be used by burning its skin and putting it in water and water is sieved to after two to three hours .This is can added to vegetables to hasten cooking time and could save fuel . It doesn't give vitamins but yes mineral .Due to its mineral it reduce acidity of stomach and potassium bicarbonate doesn't effect bone demineralisation as per research papers.

8. Egg shells. the moment I said ,it looks freaking .But yes egg shell have high biological value calcium . It can be used by boiled it several times followed by drying and crushing in to fine powder . It can be used in pan cakes for your children , just  half teaspoon to teaspoon in batter of pan cakes . Children needs more calcium so as old people but due to unavailability of milk power or liquid milk , it could be substitute for calcium . Yes may be restricted for old people who already are in calcium channel blockers like cilacar tab.

9. Outer leaves of cabbage , which we usually throw have much nutrition value than inside light green leaves. So rather than throwing it in garbage , one can use it sauerkraut making purpose as fermentation enhance in bio available of minerals like iron or can be washed and dried and powdered it and store it . One can use it for making curry .

10. If we look a our kitchen garden and we see papaya flowers ,may most of us ignore it but it is edible too. It is good source of beta carotene,potassium,it contains only 0.6g of carbohydrates , 0.4g of fat per 100g (http://nopr.niscair.res.in/bitstream/123456789/33557/1/IJTK%2015(1)%2041-49.pdf)

what can be more low calorie food than this .This can be use for making pakora , or soup, curry with fish.

 Remember not only protein keeps you strong but also vitamin and minerals which are the stakeholder for good health and better immune system.Stay home , eat well and stay safe .

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