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Alcohol : Old famine beverage to fashion

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Alcohol ,we all know .Alcoholic beverages are known for it 's health illness. We know how alcohol not only cause health problem but cause in problem family relations.

Then why this beverage came to existence. Well , this alcohol was earlier use as food as it gives nearly double calorie than 1 g of carbohydrate do . It was easy to carry and to preserve during famine time as their was no hi fi food production like now days.But now a days it is became fashion , if some body throw party than alcohol. Most of alcoholic beverage have negative impact though some are claim to have benefits as well , But negative side is more.

This is bullshit

This beverage is health deleterious .But someone still may say "this is bullshit, " I don't have any problem though I am taking from years".


yes some people might not have any problem if they are taking it moderate amount and following a well food plan and it also depends on what type alcoholic he/she is consuming. It is also may due to certain enzymatic reactions like some people have more enzyme that degrades the alcohol in fast rate ,ADH (Alcohol Dehydrogenase)which degrades ethanol to aldehyde and ALDH (Aldehyde Dehydrogenase)which breaks down this toxic aldehyde to acetate which is soluble in water. Some people have genetically low ALDH which cause retention of aldehyde in human body and start causing its toxic affects like liver as liver is responsible for metabolizing it.

Female have physically low muscle mass which retains less water in the body enhance this toxic substance retains more in body and got last long hang over until she had lots of water the next day.

How to protect your self with modern life style and alcohol

1.Stay way from drinking it as we are n't in famine state as our ancestor had face due to seasonal change or war .

2. Take in moderate amount that is 30 ml for women , 50ml for men for wine , or can say only one serving which is different for different alcoholic beverage.

3. Try not to take every day, limit to 2-3 times week

4. Take plenty of water , juice next very day

5.Take boiled egg which contain cysteine helps to break aldehyde

6. Take well whole grain like dal /sprouts / rice grain without straining the water.

7. Eat raw carrot or tomato , include green leafy vegetable as salad.

8. Eat raw fruits like ripe papaya , pineapple , orange, guava which boosts liver by improving enzymatic activities and cellular activity.

Idea is that alchol cause Vitamin B1 defiency(thiamin) which cause poor metabolism of carbohydate , potein ,fat . By eating whole grain you are replenishg it.

Green leafy vegetable ,egg restores zinc in body and also provide liver boosting phytochemical .

9.Do exercise to improve your modes.

10. Yearly health check up with liver profile test(LFT)

happy reading..........................

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