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Eyes are windows to .............?

People says eyes are windows to soul but in medical , it can windows to many health issues.A good health should be accompanied by good eyes too. If we see age wise eyes health problems .

A child may suffers from eye problems like night blindness ,conjunctival xerosis , bitot 's spot etc which is due to Vitamin A deficiency as child are not fond of vegetables and fruits.

Later mayopia may develop due to structural changes in eyes either due to not having optimum nutrition like moderate fat , high protein , intake of high glycemic foods or due to over working on near vision for long time. Actual cause is till unknown.

At old age you might develop cataract problem due to oxidative damage to eyes .

Your eye also tells about your life styles. E.g 1. You would have yellow tint eyes suggest you eat junks or high fatty foods and you are having jaudice either due to liver problem or gall stone.

2. Red itchy eyes , you have infection or allergies

3.Red eye probably you didn't have enough sleep .

3.fatty streak in your eye lid could be sign of cholesterol problem.

4. bulging eyes /protrudat eye balls cause of hyperthyroidism due to autoimmune system.

As for dietary intervention in child

1.Try incorporate vitamin A rich foods like pumpkin kheer /carrot halwa

as child like sweets

2. One whole egg per day ( locals eggs are better choice)

3. Make bread sandwich by adding boiled sweet potatos , honey ,1/2stp of butter

4. Mangoes shakes ,banana shake , beal fruit shakes, cherry cake are good choice

5. Spinach stuff puri ( may be two small size , total 30g of atta)

6. Dark chocholate which are sugar free .

7. small local fish are good source of vitamin a , zinc ,magnesium and calcium too.

For Teenage

1. Daily incorporate of 100g of green leafy would help .

2. whole milk 2 cups gives good amount of magnesium , calcium and even vitamin A

3. While taking any salty snack like samosa , kachori, chops etc. try to make habit of taking pudina chutney , coriander chutney etc instead of packet sauce.

4.limit sugar intake,better to take fruit sandwich .

5. organ meat like liver are good incorporate sometimes

For Old age

1. As oxidative stress is more , include more citrus fruit and colourful fruits like tomato, water melon , guava(red inside)

2. Other vegetables like carrot juice/beet root juice helps to fight degenerative changes.

3. Vitamin E capsule is helpful

4.One can opt for leutin or zeaxanthin dietary supplements for good eye health

For pregnancy

1. thyroid level should check / for hypo or hyperthyroidism

2. As hyperthyroidism may leads child to have bulging eyes or grave disease.

3 Poor Vitamin A store during pregnancy puts your developing child for ocular problems.

Hope you can learn and apply some in your life.

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