• D.J Das

Hunger key

Hunger is stimulus that cause due to chemical reactions to stimulus through various hormonal interplay and ultimately to contraction of stomach .Our body knows when we are in great need to get energy like in winter to cope up with cold , when our body fuel get exhausted it gives signals through hunger stimulus.Our liver gives constant energy through break down of carbs into glucose.Our body utilizes carbs , protein and fat in different proportion.A well human body utilizes this three macro nutrients from various metabolic purposes.But If you infuse your body with over doses any of this macro nutrients results adverse effects.Actual hunger is stimulus for all metabolic processes rather just a emotional out burst . An increased BMR , cause exhaustion of fuel,Hence results hunger.

Too low or too high of These nutrients cause slowing of BMR. Small amount in frequent intervals , adequate water , moderate exercise not only maintain your BMR but also maintain your hunger.A well timed hunger could be sign of good metabolism like you eat lunch at 1 'o 'clock everyday and you feel hungry that time only, shows a good metabolism .If you eat in time you are less likely to be overeaten after wards.If you are not hungry in time or having dysphagia , you are likely to gain or loss weight ,which in excess both are considered as bad.A sluggish BMR sometimes suppress your hunger.

Thus hunger maintain your current weight .

Only moto is to maintain a routine time for having your meals.Be hungry , eat right ,get right.

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