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Kid's Health : Honey

Honey is natural food. It contains fructose(38%) and glucose(32%) and 17% of water.Honey now a days can be synthesized also.But natural honey is composed of flower nector plus saliva of bees, hence it even contain trace amount of minerals as well such as magnesium, copper, iodine,Iron , calcium.However composition of raw honey varies from regions to regions due to difference in blooming flower in different regions. In a journal , Sohaimi ,Masry and Shehatait(2015) found that kashmiri honey contains more protein(4.67 ± 0.171 mg/g).

So when it comes to kid's health , honey comes with many controversies like a child should be feed honey after 6 month of exclusive breast feeding . However , actually not recommended to below 1 year of age , raw honey may be have spore of Clostridium spp which may be hazardous .

However, people also think , honey can cause dental caries but truth behind lie in its composition ie, fructose, prevents bacterial invade due to its higher concentration.Dental caries can occur in sucrose related products as when it is broken down , particle still stuck in the surface of teeth , got fermented by microbes produce lactic acid which ultimately erodes the enamels.

Honey can be good source of calories in children ,honey can be used in breads , cakes , pancakes .

Pure honey even have bactericidal effects hence cause relieve in cough .Additional benefit is it is providing even trace amount minerals and B complex vitamins than Simple sugars.

Honey can be excellent dose for malnourished child whose appetite is also low.Rice flour , honey , milk , and peanut powder combination is awesome to increase calories in malnourished child.

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