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Teenage psychology : Health Issue,Nutrition, Family support

Teenage period is the most complicated period. Hormonal imbalances at peak level from early to mid teenage years .Hormonal changes not only changes the physiological changes but also bring changes at mood .In this period , teenage learn to be social being . This period is also known for being over excited due to increased hormonal interplay .This is most the crucial period hence any serious conflict or any incidence can cause severe psychological stress among peers.Psychological stress may lead to many diversions like reading weird magazine , videos which affects ultimately overall health of peer.

Hence , family support can be very essential , teenagers should be encourage to do right things but with his/ her interest , should not be set for comparing with other peer as every individual has their own interests and plans .Comparing and discouragement can cause severe psychological break among them.

If it is seen through nutritional point of view, calories need is quite higher than school going and adult person .This energy requirement is due to increased metabolism due to muscle growth , physical activity level, to attain sexual maturity.So a well balance high calorie diet can contribute to the need . Poor nutrition also can cause decline in concentration .This period should highly be prioritized by parents/ family as may tend to go for junk foods , narcotic drugs , alcohols which cause other health issues like obesity.

A proper guidance , friendly behavior by family / parents , healthy food can bring a change in psychology among teenagers and one should remember today's our present would be our future ie, Healthy teenagers are the symbol of healthy nation.

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