• D.J Das

Smile : A secret of healthy and long life

Smile is a facial expression but Smile can break many boundaries of emotions ,feelings.A beautiful smile can win any heart and lets you forget all the harsh situations.A smile can be a welcome sign also.

If say about about health benefits

1) It reduces stress

2) Reduces blood pressure

3)A good laugh can Improve blood circulation

4) Reduces anxiety due to social isolation ( can be seen in old age)

If say about benefit in social life

1) Increases confidence

2) Build good rapport

3)Increases social approach ability like,more people will approach you

4) Increases social rank due to good personality

5)Helps to build emotional relationships with life partner

One should keep his/her smile intact. But how to keep it well maintained if your skin is very rough, have dry lips , yellow teeth .If a smile can do so much then why not to take care of it.

So , maintaining it is also important.

A healthy food habit like well hydration to your body , including vitamin C rich foods like lemon , orange, tomato , grape fruits which helps to prevent drying of skin and lips .Avoiding chewing beetle nuts , drinking too much of alcohol ( allowance -60ml for male ,30ml for women), avoiding sugary item, can prevent yellowing of teeth. Chemical that generate from chewing tobacco, beetle nuts erodes the dental enamel.Drinking a glass of milk on everyday basis can be good choice .

An old adult need more vitamin C ,More zinc , and also vitamin E.

Take lemon every day

One can take daily handful of almonds , 2 walnuts to make up the gap of nutrition build by age.

While telling out good skin , vitamin A plays an important role by maintaining cell membrane .So always choice a fresh leafy green rather than wilting ones.One can have two medium sized carrot to meet requirement for aged people .Other benefit of inclusion of vitamin A was , it helps in absorption of iron in human body by inhibiting action of phytin and even some polyphenols , which is very important of hemoglobin . For people having chewing difficulty or for picky eaters ,can use Supplements that is 600mcg /day. Benefit of supplement are they are readily available to the body .

Remember , If you choice to be healthy , start your day with a smile .

Happy reading people...

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